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I have a lot of work and projects due this week and are hanging on my shoulders at the moment! I apologize if I cannot reply by the weekend! I will return!

Thank you!
Theodore Keenoi Ref Sheet
Yay tired fingers *mashes buttons*

Here's the medic of the Phoenix Platoon (Will show later Bleh.)

A little more info about him!

    Pink Dot Bullet - F2U!  Teo is a Gentle, Alert, and visually cautious character that remains especially reserved when it comes to getting to the root of things. He's not very confident in situations that require his attention, becoming more boggled on his own private work. His clumsiness is often himself referring to him being 'cursed'. Although, he does bare a good heart, and knows when it's time time to put away his own fear and doubts, and come to the aid of others he cares about.


    Pink Dot Bullet - F2U!   Teo comes from a family where everyone has gone to college, and everyone has, or is working in the medical field. His likeness turns more towards technologies, codes, and configuring machines. Fearing his family turning on him, he enlisted into the army becoming a field medic. A lot of his schooling was on the medical field, so a lot of is passionate hobby days were spent either none, or a third of the time.
Teo was sent to a small clinic just along the banks of a mountain side. The soldier trail often ran through here where recruits would carry the wounded so they would recover. Due to his tendencies... he'd often be transferred back and forth between places due to his inability to not be able to work under pressure.

Keenoi Family

     Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! Fun fat, they're actually cursed. Each of the family members has a total of six zippers around their bodies (One around the neck, both wrist, stomach, an ankles.) If these zippers are opened they can die (Bleed to death, guts slip out etc...ugh) If they are not zipped back up. How did this curse come to be? 
A while ago, the first member of the family was a very well known Doctor of his time, and cured soldiers that came down the same Soldier Trail that Teo was eventually sent to. One day, a woman and her son came into the clinic, asking if he could help her son, he was bleeding from recent bullet wounds. The doctor had denied to help her, seeing as though her and her son were hybrids of Tuishu monsters, the exact thing the armies are fighting against. The mother continued to beg, promising the doctor riches beyond his dreams if she could help his son. The doctor soon agreed and took the boy in. 

The doctor, had tried his best to save the child, only hours later, to return, unable to save the boy. The mother both saddened and enraged had come to conclude that the doctor didn't bother trying to save her son lie all the soldiers he'd save before. She had attacked him, and affected him with the same blood that courses through her veins from the species of Tuishu she was. Thus sewing the coursing root that grows in the family line. There is no known cure.

Theo's ability

    Pink Dot Bullet - F2U!  The disease, when activated only through times of anger or pure affection. At night, they'll turn into a kind of full dog-like being, that'll unzip the zippers and use the blood as a weapon of defense.

Character and story belongs to ShadoRequiem 
Everything else belongs to the rightful Owners!!!!


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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Welcome to my deviant page!

I'm your average artist with too big of a heart and a joy for creativity!

*I'm a little shy, so if you watch me, I will Watch you back! I don't start conversations too often because I have no idea what to say.

*I love to role play! (Text wise) I've been drawing for as long as I can remember and I am self taught.

* I mainly draw characters based upon an anime called SGT Frog (Keroro Gunso) It is my main inspiration and I plan to push this creative a bit further!

*I draw fan art time to time, but I practice in blending characters together to make something new, it will not be for money or huge profit, but rather bringing awareness to the world to try and change it! I do apologize if you see characters on here too similar to the ones they're based on. I'm still working on them, and this is what I enjoy doing!

* I'm really happy to answer questions and take art requests!

*I read every message I get, but if I don't respond to you, I apologize I live a very busy life! Your voice counts and I will try my best to reach it!

*I know a little German and I know a little Japanese~! (I'm stronger in German though xD)

I Thank you! Enjoy your visit!


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