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The Life of Animation
"If this business was easy, it would be a sin."
-Hayao Miyazaki, Animerica Magazine. 1993
Animation is the youngest medium of art that mankind has created. Spanning barely over one hundred years, its history is as rich and dramatic as any other. Starting as the simple idea of an illusion of moving art by a couple clever innovators at Edison's film company in the early 1900's, it soon boomed into a mega-corporate commercial venture that employed thousands and captivated millions only decades later. It spread outside of America and took many different forms in many different countries and cultures. Today, the face of animation is very different than it ever was. Computers, corporate chokeholds and the death of the innovators of animation has left a doubtful future for the preservation of animation's defining age.
The 1910's saw the rise of animation as a serious medium and the first studios began to appear in the United States. Winsor McCay, a masterful draftsman and artist, had
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Shattered Clockwork
Yea some traditional art.

Idk this was a little rushed in my stance? This is actually for a art competition offline I'm entering, I don't think it's really political but... it's just what I felt like drawing.

Something broken, seeping, blistering and melting. Weeds which we think are flowers are actually rusted gears and acid as we look upon each other with a fake smile.

Our world is shattered. Trying to hold itself together, some take notice. Some do not.

This oddly made me hungry for like a bagel. Bagels are really good. Especially blueberry.
(Dude what the heck are you talking about?)


Drawn using pencil, sketched it out on paper, got a final, sketched it out, inked it, erased the pencil, colored, added detail.

:D Danke und Goten Nact!
The True Flame
The moth queen! :D

I finished this a few days ago, just couldn't find the time to really upload it :(

Name; Lola
(Some people call her the Midnight witch)

Age; -dunno-
Gender; female

During the day, she is quite a strange bubbly and hyper person. A wild card actually. She conversates with everyone. She enjoys reading and buying all sorts of clothing.
At night, she is a different person completely. Moths surround her and whisper, "our queen" she doesn't know why they do that, but she accepted it, she felt needed. She practices magic that's very dark and difficult.
What she does is consume or steal the life force or energy of things, like she can take energy from a neighborhood and they won't have power, or she'll take life force from spiritual creatures.
The energy she uses as power or to feed the moths.

The moths wish to be able to have enough power to control flames. To be able to touch them and feel safe without being burnt and killed.

She doesn't understand the consequences of her actions or how things will be once she takes these things. People see her as cruel and untrustworthy.

So she often steals life force from forests and other magic users too, (which ticks off a certain owl wizard I'll upload soon!)

(She isn't good friends with the spider queen, there's a backstory I'll address later~!)

Character and design/story belongs to me
All others belong to the original owner(s)
Pirate 3 WIP

;w; my head hurtttttsssssss

Okay So here I will give a short bio because these guys are more a surprise, and they're like the smallest crew.

Captain Laru; A very bubbily captain, she doesn't take a lot of things seriously but her crew follows along because they like her and she saved them and allowed them to live upon her ship. She makes most the decisions (There's no second command) and she often says her ideals and rules come from the sea gods and the fish that speak to her. (Jacob obviously thinks she's nuts but anywho) She laughs in the face of danger and runs ahead with a prideful gleam of sunshine and exploration. (You hardly see her negative!) 
She is able to actually speak with the sea creatures, hinting to her ability to  know exactly where to go in a tough situation. 

Jacob; Quite the sour boy. He's like a powder monkey...? He doesn't do much anyway on the ship other than harrass people and give negative replies on the situation. (He dooooes get crushes super easily lol) Sour on the outside, a lil' sweet on the inside. 

Sade; She talks the least out of all my pirates, and she always acts repectful to people because that's what her parents really taught her, manners go a long way, always use them, all the time. She has not man objections, and she's the medic, tending to any wounds people get.

Noon; He is to be a very goofy person, he makes jokes to cheer up the mood (horrible jokes xD) And he loves collecting objects other people would see as garbage?

Gariri (Or just Garrick, I'll go with Garrick, it's easier for me. ;w;) He follows along with his brother Noon, while Noon cracks jokes, Garrick is like being serious and poetic. These two can be peanutbutter and jelly one day, and pickles and ice cream the next. 
He enjoys like complicated stories and tough puzzles that Noon would push away on near sight of it. They are the same age, but in open minded sense, Garrick acts more like the adult. xD

Krackens child is the least threatening pirate crew because they seriously only have five members on the ship, and only two that know how to fight. 

Laru and Audrii look for the answer,... while Luis and Eda seek revenge. 

Earth and fire and Water and wind. :D Okey that's all of them.

I will do finished versions once I finish my moth lady and my wizard owl dude. 

:D You guys are welcome to draw my characters, I love seeing different styles!

Characters and story belong to me

All others and inspiration belong to the original owner(s)
Pirates 2 WIP
:w: Okaaaaaaay. Third crew down, one more to go. 

This is The Siren's ship or simply "The Harmonic Sweeties"

This is a crew of all females, only females are allowed on this ship. They actually... kill any male that sets foot on their ship, and they'll either ask or force a female to join their crew and convince them that the female population must dominate. 

Their element is wind; for example, far out in sea, a lone ship will travel, their ears will tune in to a lovely harmonic sound these pirates make. The fog moves with them and they raid the ship attacking those upon it and taking what they need. 
They are very tricky pirates!

Captain Eda; She is a hard working woman, and stands strongly by her beliefs. She got the hatred towards the other gender because her father wasn't very kind to her or her mother, he was always accusing her mother of being a witch and being very cruel to them in ways I'm not too comfortable talking about ;w;. She had a lot of negative experiences with other males though, she couldn't go to school where she lived and she couldn't do the fun things other children did because of her messed up father. She one day was snuck out the house every night with her mother to sail around, and they made it back in time. One day they were late and the father got upset because he thought they were leaving him for good.(the messed up dirt head >:c) he organized a group to kill his wife cause he still literally thought she was a witch (but she ws just a pirate, she hid that from him because he doesn't like pirates but they loved each other for the time. The mother gave Eda supplies and a map to aid her and told her to run away from home and stay safe. 
Eda left and from afar saw the burning fire and the ashes filling the sky from her mother as she sailed to find a new life.

Quarter master/ first mate Kirara; She is silent person and trains the girls on the ship to be able to swing fro the ropes and attack larger enemies without getting smashed. She is skilled with daggers and loves reading.(has like a ton of books beneath her bed xD) she met Eda on her ship passed out and she brought water and such to bring her back to er healthy state, and they became good friends and organized a plan to what they're gonna do as pirates. 

Cook Jewell; is a very smart gal, she went to school and wanted to have a purpose with her culinary arts, but she was rejected five times, so she gave up and eventually met these gals on their trip around~! She loves cooking and meeting new members. 

swashbuckler Dusk; A odd girl, very gothic. She speaks softly and has a negative attitude most the time.She loves sitting outside and looking up at the moon. She had a older brother she lost at sea and secretly wishes to find him. She can't remember too much about him (neither do I lol) but she would know him when she sees him.

Dememe; This girl is violent a lot like Inkuku in the dutchman crew. She fights with a sword and likes being competative. she sets goals for her self like, I can run from here to there in three minutes and finish mopping he deck in four. x3

Witch Lamomo; She is a strange woman, she can only curse with her magic, she is one of the mages that travel the seven seas. She seeks destruction, but also revenge? During the day she is normal, if she sets fin on the ship, her fish til will turn into legs. At night she stays beneathe the water for she turns into a scary monster, she calls herself ugly. She also is the lead singer to attract male sailors with her siren tune and will bring them beanthe the water to drown them and kill them. Eat them??? ;w; idk 
Since she is a siren, she can sorta shapeshift into whatever the male desires. .w. it gets... interesting oh boy. 

Character and story belongs to me
All other originals and inspirations belong to the original owner(s)
(This is a EXTREMELY personal journal entry, I feel as though submitting what I have to say will be too long for a status update, so doing it here seems to be my cup of tea at the very moment. You do not have to read this, and I am going to be honest, and completely serious. I am sorry if you do not understand, It's fine if you scroll past this. 
Just this is for the people around me, that know me, possibly little or more... to once again say I'm sorry.)

    It's a common mystery on how the moment you finally have been crushed to dust, humiliated, beaten, and lied to... You lay down and say to yourself, to whoever is listening inside that dark room, "I don't wanna wake up tomorrow."

 Yet the sun still comes up.

Your death does not defy the way our universe functions, nor does it provide the easiest answers for us to understand. Our struggles define us as a race, that is both stubborn, accepting, creative, brilliant, stupid, cruel, kind, powerful yet weak, emotional... and blind. 

My suicide will not affect these things, only make it worse for the people around me. 

I come from a family where we have to believe in a god. We're not the richest family, only one parent of mine is working, my mother calls him a drunk, stupid, and selfish with the money, all he wants to purchase is guns. 

They argue a lot, especially when my mother is drunk. She's the first to hit, she's the first to scream, she's the first to do anything. My father always tries to back out of the argument and she continues to fuel him to the point he's trying to move away, and she blocks his path. 

She breaks things in our house... she's knocked the trash over and broken chairs... whenever they fight, she's the first one to threaten him with a knife or gun, and tell him she's gonna kill him. 

Every time they fight, I come in to pull them apart, I speak to them, I reason with them, and it sends them opposite ways...
Neither them understand... what it felt like for me, to always have to come in and pull them apart, so they wouldn't hurt each other, or worse. 

But last night, I was broken... perhaps beyond repair... 
To be told by the person, who gave life to you... she'd be happy with your siblings other than you... and that she'd trample you to defend her grandparents... I don't know what to say. 

It hurts. It hurts a lot. 

One part of me is thinking, if she would rather defend her grandparents who do not have long on the earth, I understand, defend them all you like... and she'd be better off with her other kids... 

It made me think... no one wants a "crippled child"

She's tired of taking me to the Therapy, she says I don't try... I won't succeed, I won't be able to pursue my dreams... I can't do my chores right...  I can't even say thank you or hello to my grandparents without freezing up... 

no one wants a "dysfunctional child" 

"No mother wants a fucked up child..." 

"nobody wants you..."

The thing I nearly done last night was grab a knife and cut down both my wrists and bleed out. If I had access to my father's guns, I'd shoot my heart.

But I cried myself to sleep, motionless without a doubt... I was conflicted and fighting myself once more... I truly didn't know what to do...

My "issue" is, I'm on the spectrum, I might have Autism, or a personality disorder, or I switch moods a lot... or all of the above. They say I most certainly have social-anxiety, I'm very anti-social... etc... but I honestly don't know. 

All I know is that I'm afraid of people. I'm afraid to look people in the eye, I'm afraid to start conversations, I'm afraid to be myself around new people I meet. I'm so scared every place I go... I don't ever feel comfortable out the open with out my coat or backpack... I hate bright colors however I damn wish I could explore them more. I am super terrified of bugs even though I draw them. I hate human dolls, and I don't like being touched without warning. I freak out and run away from things that are loud and sudden... I bottle all of my emotions inside until the top busts open and I'm a emotional mess...

If you ever get the chance to meet me in real life, I'm the complete opposite than what I can show here. 
I'm a very blank person... I'm very shy... I'm very quiet... and it's really hard to express myself. 
On first glance of me, people think instantly, "He likes to draw. He is drawing right now. He draws a lot."

For me to open myself up to you, I'd take a little longer than for other people who click up instantly. I have to truly know who I am with, so I can understand them, and know the right things to say. 

What I had gone through last night... changed me for better or for worse. 

I did not pursue my actions because I thought to myself, if I did the attempt and failed... I'd be beaten or rushed to the hospital to suffer more... 

If I did the attempt and succeeded, I'd be hurting the people that know and love me... I might put my family in huge debt for a funeral, or they might just toss my body in the back yard, who knows. 

I'd be stuck reliving that night for the rest of eternity... 

And I'll never complete my dream. 

All I wanna do is help people. I seriously wanna show the world... pry it from it's blindness... and look upon our problems... and try to seriously fix them...

I wanna show them... how something... unoriginal... can have a better purpose.. to give a message... and not just rake up money.
Even if it was god... or my stuffed animals talking to me... 

It was defiantly something that pulled me away from the edge... I'm afraid to say what...

But I rise up today, just like the sun, to embrace the beauty around me... to continue to fight. 

To probably cry another three hours or so... 

I'll try... harder... to open up... I'll try to speak to more people around me... 

All I have to say is just... I'll try. 

I am sad... no other way to word it... 

And just know when I say sorry... I love everybody. 

Thank you guys. 


ShadoRequiem's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Welcome to my deviant page!

I'm your average artist with too big of a heart and a joy for creativity!

*I'm a little shy, so if you watch me, I will Watch you back! I don't start conversations too often because I have no idea what to say.

*I love to roleplay! (Text wise) I've been drawing for as long as I can remember and I am self taught.

* I mainly draw characters based upon an anime called SGT Frog (Keroro Gunso) It is my main inspiration and I plan to push this creative a bit further!

*I draw fan art time to time, but I practice in blending characters together to make something new, it will not be for money or huge profit, but rather bringing awareness to the world to try and change it! I do apologize if you see characters on here too similar to the ones they're based on. I'm still working on them, and this is what I enjoy doing!

* I'm really happy to answer questions and take art requests!

*I read every message I get, but if I don't respond to you, I apologize I live a very busy life! Your voice counts and I will try my best to reach it!

*I know a little German and I know a little Japanese~! (I'm stronger in German though xD)

I Thank you! Enjoy your visit!


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